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    Allen Qi
    Tel: +86-317-5536340
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    Steven Song
We, Cangzhou Yatai Commercial and Trade co.,ltd was established 2002, is a production adding trade company located in Hebei china, specialized in world wild consolidation service . Our’s products main include: nutrition feed additives 、Probiotics feed additive、chemical feed additive、and so on. As a specialized company ,our’s products sell well in Southeast Asia, Arab States, South Korea, Europe and other countries and regions. Our’s service related is provide best quality products and competitive price for customers , Except export self-produced products to the world; we can assist customers searching Best-selling products and best quality products. Including we arrange production , inspection , cargo by air& sea, insure. After several years of efforts, our company is implementing modern enterprise management system, possessing a splendid teams of specialized technical talents.
  • Dicalcium phosphate
  • MCP feed grade
  • MDCP
  • Broiler feed
  • Chicken bone meal
  • Corn gluten meal 60%
  • Duck blood meal
  • Fish meal
  • Floating catfish feed
  • Shrimp feed
Department 1
Contact person: Allen Qi
Tel: +86-317-5536340
Mob/Whatsapp/Wechat: +86-15132749863
Skype: ytsmgs
Email: yt.sales@hotmail.com
Department 2
Contact person: Steven Song
Tel: +86-317-5103551
Mob/Whatsapp/Wechat: +86-15226601996
Skype: yataisby
Email: yataisby@hotmail.com
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