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Yeast feed 40% , 50%, 55%, 60%

匯. Introduction
This product is made from corn grain, wheat bran, DDGS(distiller dried grain with solubles), broad bean starch protein powder etc agricultural products as raw materials, selection of Saccharomyces cerevisiae, using solid-state fermentation process, high temperature drying inactivated made of non-active yeast feed. The product has a high protien ,Appropriate proportion of restrictive amino acids , digestion and absorption rate high, is rich in a variety of digestive enzymes, vitamins and unknown growth-promoting factor and so on.
屈. Function and use
1. Is a quality protein supplement ingredients, amino acid balance, may be a partial substitute for fish meal ,in order to reduce costs.
2. Rich in a variety of vitamins and carotenoids, especially rich in vitamins B, can prevent vitamin B deficiency occurred.
3. Rich in a variety of digestive enzymes, not only help to digestion ,but also improve certain enzyme activity in the digestive tract.
4. Enhance immunity, adsorption Pathogenic factor, improve animal health.
眉. Recommended dosage
Pig  2% -5%

Poultry  2% -4%

Cattle and sheep  5% -8%

Aquatic  5% -10%
膨. Storage
Stored in a cool, ventilated and dry place
Shelf life: 12 months

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