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Ferment yeast culture


  • A variety of yeast cells integrate to impove the microecological environment of animals digestive.
  • Stimulate the immune system development, improve the animal disease-resistant and anti-stress ability。
  • Rich of digestive enzymes, not only help digestion, but also can improve the digestive enzymes activity。
  • Improving feed intake, make animal accept feed as soon as possible
  • Optimization digestive system, improve feed nutrient utilization.
  • Improve digestion rate ,increase weight gain speed, shorten the time of market.
  • Improve meat, eggs and milk quality


Pigs、 cattle 、 sheep、 poultry 、 fish and prawn ect.

Dosage and Administration:

Can first add in premixed feed mixing , or directly add to wholesome feed mixing, and Can replace the same amount of plant protein materials in formulation.

Pigs: 2%-3%
Poultry: 2%
fish、 prawn: 2%-5%

Cattle、 sheep Ruminant animal: 1% -2%


The product does not include incompatibility and high-temperature granulation.

Packagingtransportation and storage:

25kg/bag, should not be mixed transport and storage with toxicharmful and easy pollutants things。

Store in a cool ventilated, dry place.




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