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Photosynthetic bacteria


The product was cultivated by Prof. Wang hou de that was composed with unique process and applied patent, (patent No.CN1124293A). The protein accounts for sixty percent in it; anima acids were reasonably composed, VB12 and folic acid were rich in it , especially coenzyme Q.

  • Mechanism

The product absorbs water-bottom anaerobic-layer¨s substance, then digests NH3 H2S. Firedamp and other organic wastes in the breeding process and reduces COD synthesizes sugar, amino acids, Vitamins, bio-active substance. By adjusting alive bacteria group of aquatic animals , it promotes to grow , releases disease-resistant ferment and defends illness of fish, shrimp,etc.


  • The product is a perfect replacement of the chemicals.
  • Preventing illness: to restrain bad-bacteria growing. An antibiotic, it defends all kinds of illness of fish, shrimp, etc.
  • To promote growth: increasing feed reward by 12%, adding weight by 10-17%, increasing survival-rate by 5-7%.
  • Improving the quality of water, restraining virus and detrimental bacteria in the water, no needing to use antibiotic and chemicals.
  • Having the anti-lack oxygen action, keeping animal continuously growing.
  • Suitable for high densely raising, increasing production.
  • The type of product

It includes the liquid and solid type.


The liquid:

  • The liquid was thrown into water by 3L/MU. Every 10-20days, in usual season, if the quality of water deteriorates, you could used it continuously for 3 days, until the water turns better, then used it for every 7 days.
  • As the original feed or clearing water, all the pond should be scattered every where, by 10ml/m, after that, scattered by 2.5ml/m for every 2-3 days.
  • This product can be added in the feed of eel, turtle, and shrimp by 4%.
  • To cure the illness from slime bacteria, gill illness etc. By dipping in the 10 fold diluted liquid for 10-15 minutes.

The solid:

Usage: The product was mixed firstly with five kilograms feed, then with all the other.

Dosage: every bag (500g) for 25-40kg feed (1.5-2%)


  • Don¨t mix with antibiotic and chemicals.
  • Don¨t replace the water within 3 days after the product was used.
  • Reduce 25% replacing water as usual.


Stored in cool, dry, better ventilate place.

7、Period of validity

The liquid: Six months.

The solid: eighteen months.
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