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choline chloride 50%, 60% (corn cob or Silica Base)

Choline (dihydroxyethylamino trimethylammonium chloride 2 - hydroxyethyl-trimethyl ammonium hydroxide), usually classified as a vitamin B complex group (usually that vitamin B4).The animal physiology of the body to maintain the necessary low-molecular-weight organic compounds, can be synthesized in vivo animal, but often need to add in the feed, the feed is added to the monomer of the largest vitamin. It can be regulated in vivo metabolism of fat and transformation, and in the prevention of liver and kidney fat deposition and tissue degeneration, and promote the re-formation of amino acids and improve the utilization of amino acid, methonine some savings.

Choline Chloride is the most common and the most economical form of choline, mainly mixed with the other feed additives for animal feed. Choline Chloride has 50% and 60% corn cob base, 50% silica base, 70% and 75% Liquid. When using choline chloride, normally adding choline chloride is the last part in the whole process, because it can destroy the other kinds of Vitamins, especially exist the metal ingredients, Vitamin A D K is easier and quickly destroyed, so if produce the pro-vitamin, choline chloride can¨t be used, the feed which content choline chloride should be use as soon as possible.

If there¨s no enough choline chloride in the feed, animal will appear some symptoms.

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