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Colistin sulphate10% premix

Colistin sulfate is an antibiotic of basic polypeptides constituted by various amino acids and fatty acids. It exerts positively strong effects against intestinal diseases caused by gram-negative bacilli. As a feed additive, mixing with Feed results in weight gains.

Indications for use: It is intended for the inhibition of Gram-negative bacteria as a somatomedin either in breeding period or quiescence against intestine diseases caused by Gram-negative bacteria such as colibacillus and pseudomonas aeruginosa. When added into Feed, it exerts positive effects on the growth promotion and the increase of Feed utilization rate.
Characteristics: It has strong anti-bacteria activity against Gram-negative bacteria.
Low incidence of anti-drug reactions.
No drug cross-resistance with other antibiotics.
It can not be particularly absorbed in alimentary tract. It is highly safe and in lack of residue. It is especially manufactured for healthy foods.
It promotes growth and increases Feed utilization rate.
Indications for use and dosage:
Mix thoroughly with Feed in a gradient scale(/ton), animals Dosage Level period:
1.Pigs Babies 2g~20g7 days
2.Natal 2g~40g7days
3.Chickens Chicks 2g~20g7 days
It should not be applied to layer Chickens of market age
4.Cattle 、Sheep Natal 5g~40g 7days
5.Fishes 、shrimps 50g゛100g7 days , Prevention should reduce half
1. It can not be mixed with aureomycin, terramycin, zinc bacitracin-colistin premix and olaquindox for feeding use.
2. The dosage used to treat contagious enteritis is doubled to the highest dosage above.

Storage &Packaging : Protected from light and stored in a dry cool place. 25kg/ bag
Expiation Date: 12 months

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