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[化学式] Ca(H2PO4)2·H2O+CaHPO4·2H20

总磷(P)含量,% ≥21.0
钙(Ca)含量,% ≥ 15-20.0
氟(F)含量,% ≤0.18
水溶磷占总磷比率,% ≥40
砷(As)含量,% ≤0.003
铅(以Pb计)含量,% ≤0.003
细度(通过60 mesh目网孔试验筛),% ≥95
PH值 3.5~4.5




Can be used as feed additives, used to supplement young livestock and poultry animals demand for calcium phosphate.

product feature

产品纯度高,钙磷比例恰当,保证其有较高的生物学效应.磷含量大于21%的产品,其生物学效应更好.本公司采用特有的高新技术工艺,使产品结晶好,纯度高,其有害杂质大大低于标准: GB/T22549-2008.产品干燥过程先进,在产品含较低游离水的前提下,确保产品不失去结晶水,避免了产品干燥过程中因失去结晶水而引起的生物学效应的降低.粗颗粒磷酸一二钙在动物肠胃中停留时间长,更利于磷钙的吸收,该产品用微颗粒磷酸一二钙生产而成,未加任何化学粘结剂.



Product high purity, calcium and phosphorus ratio appropriate, ensure its higher biological effect. Phosphorus content is more than 21% of the products, its biological effect is better. The company USES the characteristic of the high and new technology, the product has good crystallization, high purity, the harmful impurity is much lower than standard: GB/T22549-2008. The product drying process is advanced, the product with a lower free water under the premise of ensuring products do not lose crystal water, avoid the product drying process caused by loss of water of crystallization of biological effects of reduced. Coarse particle or calcium phosphate in animal gastrointestinal stay time is long, more conducive to the absorption of calcium phosphate, the product with micro particles or calcium phosphate production, without any chemical binder.

[package] plastic woven bag (25 kg / 50 kg);Ton bag (1000 kg)

[life] for 730 days


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