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Product features
1.Selected high quality fresh ingredients,the product has good palatability.
2.The product use of advanced production technology, strong resistance to water, and conducive to digestion and absorption.
3.Don't add any illicit drugs,belong to pollution-free feed.
4.Balanced nutrition, high feed conversion rate, low bait coefficient, Reduces the bait metabolism caused by the pollution of water bodies,reduces the production cost.
5.Formula for northern area breeding pattern design, high precision, shrimps grow faster.
6.Rich in ingredients enhance the immunity of the shrimp, to strengthen the constitution of shrimp, improve the disease resistance of shrimp, to improve the survival rate in aquaculture. After feeding, shrimp body good, anti-stress ability good, reduce the stress factors (such as high temperature, oxygen, water quality mutation) caused by the risk of farming.

Recommend usage:
weightg/tail Day for feed
kg/myriad tail Daily for feeding
0.02--1.0 0.05--0.1 4--5
1.0--2.0 0.2--1.0 3--5
2.0--5.0 1.5--3.8 3--4
5.0參貧 3.8--6.2 3--4

5A Health Feed:
Raw material index A
Nutrition index A
Growth index A
disease-resistant index A
Resistance to transport index A


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