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 Bacillus magaterium

Bacillus Megaterium, as a plant growth-promoting is naturally-occurring soil bacteria able to benefit plants by improving their productivity and immunity.
Main ingredient Bacillus megaterium, ferment metabolites.
Guaranteed Analysis Bacillus Megaterium −10billion /g
1, huge bacillus begins to grow in the process can produce a large number of organic
acid, can be difficult soluble phosphorus in soil material break down, or dissolve, and translated into easy be absorbed by the plant phosphorus, improve the utilization rate of phosphorus.
2. A protein produced by the bacillus, which is strongly antagonistic to many crops harmful fungi.
3. huge bacillus can rapidly breeding in the soil, become the advantage bacterium group, control the root nutrition and other resources, the pathogenic bacteria on the considerable loss of living space and conditions;Organizations make plant cell wall thickening, fibrosis, lignification degree, and outside the epidermal layer form cutin double silicon layer, forming a barrier to prevent infection.
4. Increasing the utilization of fertilizer, promoting the absorption of nutrients and improving the efficiency of the plant, the polyglutamic acid produced by its metabolism has the ability to conserve water and keep fertilizer.
5. Prevention and control of plant diseases, make blight pathogen of cotton, wheat sheath blight fungus, and take all disease in tomato false form bacillus, fusarium, verticillium wilt bacteria, bacterial leaf blight pathogen, nodule sickle germ has a strong inhibitory effect.

Application as: Natural Fertilizer, Soil conditioner, Soil amendment, Plant improver, Natural pesticide... for Lawn, Gardening, Crop, Vegetable
Usage : 1-2kg/ mu (1 mu==0.0667 hectares)
Package: 25kg/bag
Storage: kept in avoid light , dry and cool place
Validity : 12 months


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